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The article says, “Unlike New Yorker cartoons, in which, you are actually missing the joke, Garfield is in fact not even designed to be funny.”

First of all, one does not “miss the joke” in traditional (not Charles Addams) New Yorker cartoons; one recognizes that it is a joke, without actually laughing. And Garfield was originally funny. It has merely followed the standard life cycle of comic strips, in which it starts out funny and winds up coasting on people’s memories of how funny it used to be (Peanuts, Dilbert). I suspect there was a time when Beetle Bailey was funny, although I personally do not remember it.
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Robert Mankoff, who ended the sacred taboo against New Yorker cartoons being funny,* reports on Roger Ebert's captions, several of which should have won.

*Charles Addams was always exempted.
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Jed Hartman asks, "Is it important to you to Be Funny?"

As you may have guessed, Yes.
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Andy Kaufman became famous for doing something that was a lot like comedy except for the part about making people laugh. He has been followed by others acting like assholes but it's comedy because they don't really mean it. I like the economy of never attributing to cutting-edge performance art what can be explained by stupidity or meanness, but I also like Janeane Garofalo's theory that Ann Coulter is performing an endless Andy Kaufman humoroid bit. So, Gallagher: really like that?

Thanx to Shakesville


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