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“Fascist,” like the other F-word, is more frequently used as an insult than as a descriptor. David Brin says that the would-be sexual contortionist really is one.

Date: 2017-08-02 03:20 pm (UTC)
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That's quite a polemic. It pinged my "probably not true" meter round about the second screenful - simply based on style, not fact checking.

I stopped caring about fact checking by the end of it - since it had begun to seem like an exercise in demonstrating how cleverly one can insult one's opposition while preaching to one's choir.

The only detail I _knew_ to be inaccurate was the "true" definition of fascism: "romantic-nostalgic, utterly dedicated to symbolic and ritualistic purity, terrified of complexity and even the thought of positive-sum, hostile to expertise, obsessed with fore-ordained destiny and cyclical “history,” thrilled by regimentation of a sacred, uniform, race-centered 'nation' and convinced of the sub-humanity of any opponent. That is what the political F-word actually means. "

But of course he's made that semi-non-falsifiable with his qualifier of _poitical_ fascism.

And perhaps the correct term here is "misleading" rather than "innaccurate". My bottom line definition of fascism would be that it's the belief that people exist for the good of the nation, which is usually defined in terms somewhat closer to tribe (folks like us, fictive kin) than modern nation (citizens of a particular state). Lots of romantic twaddle in support of it, and 20th century fascisms had a clear inspiration in the Romantic movement. Hostility to expertise is bogus - except of course expertise in areas of scholarship that contradict the specific movement's founding myths, whether historic, biological, or whatever. (Not at all hostile to experts at e.g. 'making the trains run on time', or advancing the arms industry - except when those people fail to give ritual respect to leaders clueless in their areas of expertise.)

It's quite possible that Bannon believes all the things he's accused of in that screed. Or not. I simply cannot read that screed as informative rather than polemic. And not especially because of the F-word either; Brin has at least gotten closer to the meaning than usual among screed-writers.

I realize that it's difficult to find balanced writing in the current political climate. But I'd sure like to see some.

Date: 2017-08-02 04:18 pm (UTC)
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Use Fascist where Fascist is due and it's due here........


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