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Bruce Schneier points out that fixing the user is not a workable policy.
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Finding a particularly horrible case, as usual, the FBI wants Apple to break its security for them. Bruce Schneier discusses.
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When the Department of Homeland Security made us all show our papers to buy Sudafed because NARCOTERRORISM!!! I figured that they wanted crusades against Homoterrorism and Pornoterrorism but figured that even the American public wouldn't buy that one. Once again I was insufficiently cynical. Behold the Rentboy crackdown.
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Mere military and intelligence leaders don't understand security risks as well as Republican senators do.

Thanx to Metafilter
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Homeland Security: protecting us from panties with team logos they didn't pay royalties on
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Privatized national security company said that Edward Snowden and Aaron Alexis were fine fellows.

Thanx to Hal Davis on Facebook.
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mash note: a love letter, particularly a hot and steamy one. The future of mash notes is endangered by the internet.
--Urban Dictionary

TSA to the rescue!
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Bruce Schneier suggests a symbol for the War on the Unexpected.
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Bruce Schneier has some typically intelligent thoughts on the mess.

Governments and corporations tend to treat "What could go wrong?" as a rhetorical question.


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