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The Middle East really brings out the worst in us. The Chicago Dyke March refused to let people march under the traditional symbol of Judaism because it has Zio* cooties, and now Congress (including some people who should know better) is trying to take First Amendment rights away from Israel boycotters.
*If you hate something enough, you don’t have to say the whole word: Zio, Antifa

Thanx to Charles P. Pierce.
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Going back to the Tulsa race riot, there have been white people who have seen Black prosperity as a sign of fraud and possibly a cause for violent action. The governor of Maryland stands in that tradition.


Dec. 5th, 2016 05:45 am
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Haters gaming the search engines to tell us Jews, women, and Muslims are evil.

Thanx to Metafilter
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Gamerhate metastasized into the Alt Reich.
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I go back to the time when we Jews were the sinister, swarthy, hook-nosed Levantines. It isn’t any better when it’s the Muslims instead. I don’t think there will actually be a Muslim registry (but I also didn’t think the country was mean and stupid enough to elect Trump), but if there is, let’s all sign up. Here’s George Takei, remembering a similar bit of “national security.”

Thanx to [ profile] elenbarathi
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Tory cabinet minister has said it would be “sensible” for parents not to employ a male nanny to look after their children because he could be a pedophile.
*except for the feminist part

Thanx to [ profile] andrewducker
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Cartoons warning against the Suffragette Menace

Thanx to Metafilter
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When I was an adolescent, it was cool to notice that (()) looks like the female genitalia. Apparently, ((())) indicates a neighboring orifice, as one of less au courant hater groups is using it to warn of the Hebrew Menace. There is of course an app for it.
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Just because Trump focuses on Mexicans and Muslims doesn’t mean he can’t appeal to the older traditions.
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Donald Trump’s former butler says President Obama should be killed. So as Trump is to the respectable Republicans, he is to Trump.
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Unsurprisingly, freedom-to-hate laws are letting people go back to the good old days when heteroracial marriage was illegal.

Thanx to [ profile] theweaselking
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Calling the cops because a couple of Trans women checked into a hotel and might do something icky.

Thanx to Feministing


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