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Bringing back Clippy to deal with something worse
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Making it easy for Dolt45:
After four months of interactions between Mr. Trump and his counterparts, foreign officials and their Washington consultants say certain rules have emerged: Keep it short — no 30-minute monologue for a 30-second attention span. Do not assume he knows the history of the country or its major points of contention. Compliment him on his Electoral College victory. Contrast him favorably with President Barack Obama. Do not get hung up on whatever was said during the campaign. Stay in regular touch. Do not go in with a shopping list but bring some sort of deal he can call a victory.
Thanx to Charles P. Pierce.

ETA: My First Big Boy Trip,
by Donald J. Trump.


May. 16th, 2017 06:30 am
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It would be unacceptably cruel to give the millions of stupid white people who voted for Trump what they really voted for: to take away their ACA coverage, which to their surprise turned out to be the hated Obamacare they wanted to be free from. In fact, I’d like to see them (and the rest of us) have real National Health. But as the ravages of age* force him to fail more and more at Simulating Grown-Up Behavior, from demanding a second scoop of ice cream to telling his Russian buddies some of the peachy-keen Top Secret Stuff he’s learned, I hope that he can find his way to the nice safe room with the nice soft walls before he does any real damage but not before he gives his followers a look at their hero drooling all over himself. It would be especially tasty if the continued loosening of his verbal sphincter lets him say in nationally televised Outside Voice what he really thinks of the “white trash” in the “flyovers” who voted for him. Of course, some of them will believe that he was what they thought he was until Killary snuck up on him and vaccinated him.
*People don’t get paresis anymore, do they?
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50 years ago Lenny Bruce came up with the ultimate minimal political slogan: “Vote for me; I don’t wet the bed.” I keep being reminded of it and will no doubt be reminded even more in the coming days. The latest dry-sheets announcement from Mr. Trump is his Diversity Moment: two female appointees, one of whom has not expressed more enthusiasm for child labor than for public schools, and Ben Carson. Since Dr. Carson has already said he doesn’t want a Cabinet appointment, Mr. Trump may be forced to get to know a second Black person.
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Sens. Sanders and Warren have announced a willingness to work with the president-elect on both of his sensible ideas, rather than blindly refuse like Republicans facing a president of the wrong color or gender. Some say that is collaboration, but I think they are following the first and greatest of the Teachings of Don Vito: Always try to reason with them first.

I, on the other hand, am a typically irresponsible blogger (as indicated by the userpic on this post), so I am passing along a bit of cruel mockery.

Thanx to File 770


Oct. 8th, 2016 05:49 am
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I am not a nice person. I don’t just want Trump’s effort to grab the electorate by the pussy to lose. I want him to lose so badly that Barry Goldwater and George McGovern high-five each other in Heaven. I want him to face prosecution for enough of his many crimes to spend a thousand years in jail. I want him to face a revelation that he fears even more than a picture showing that the short-finger thing is true: an indecent exposure of his finances.
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It is generally agreed that indicting a major-party presidential candidate before the election would be seen by many as an unjust intervention in the political process. So I imagine Preet Bharara pondering a collection of charges including federal income tax evasion, mail fraud connected with Trump University, fraud connected to his charitable foundation, espionage associated with Wikileaks, and illegal lobbying associated with Russia, and waiting patiently or otherwise for November 9. There could be a downside.
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Donald Trump will not tell you how to get out of paying taxes the way he does. For one thing, he despises you as much as he does the minorities you hate, because in his world you are losers who didn’t have the gumption to inherit a real estate empire. You are the people he stiffs on services he promised to pay for because you don’t have expensive lawyers.
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Trump’s call for the Russians to meddle (or more precisely, to keep meddling) in America’s election by illegal means is probably not technically treason.
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At the greatest college in the world, Professor Timothy Burke explains why Donald Trump gets support even though he is a mediocre player at a fixed game who doesn’t bother to remember which lies he’s told, running an operation so inept that it allowed his wife to stand up before a national audience and deliver a speech that was transparently plagiarized from the one given by Michele Obama four years ago.


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