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Ever vigilant against the satanic temptations of the gay, Jesus' General warns us about Gay Rodeo.
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To those who have taken this day to come out as gay, lesbian, bi, or trans, I offer my best wishes that you get to do so at as little cost (in all ways) as possible, my admiration, and my thanks for helping make the world I live in a less stupid one.

To those who think, as I do, that Coming Out Day should include all the forms of sexuality offensive to the reactionary and powerful, I direct your attention to my userinfo if you did not already know that I am part of a happy, long-lasting, committed three-person couple.
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British prime minister apologizes to Alan Turing.

Thanx to [ profile] rm
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Easily shocked critic notices that Somerset Maugham liked boys.

Thanx to [ profile] bookslut
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The Outer Alliance supports queer speculative fiction of all kinds.
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He did more to win WWII than some generals, and a grateful nation hounded him to death for his sex life. How about an apology?

Thanx to Cheryl Morgan on Facebook.
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70 years of what couldn't be called marriage.

Thanx to [ profile] andrewducker
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The Lavender Menace in 1966.

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Religious rightist explains that it is easy for me to tolerate same-sex marriage, because unlike most men I am heterosexual.

Thanx to Pandagon.
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Paul Krassner and Susie Bright praise indecency
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Minority Leader Skip Stam (R*-Wake) said same-sex parents are "more dangerous than second-hand smoke." Stam also "argued that explicitly protecting gay kids from bullying would lead to pedophilia and gay marriage," WUNC public radio reported--Pam's House Blend

*R we surprised?
Can anyone here figure out how this bizarre process would work?

Thanx to Toni Price Arthur on Facebook.
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Advice from Shakesville on talking to/about trans people.
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The Republicans are hoping they finally have a sex scandal with neither toe tapping nor diapers. It's like "What do you call it when a Catholic priest has sex with an adult woman?" (Progress.)
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The Obama administration's brief in one anti-DOMA lawsuit may be tactical. I hope so.

Thanx to Mercury Rising.
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Amanda Marcotte on crazed fetus fans.

Thanx to Pandagon.
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Sex law victims

Thanx to Susie Bright on Facebook.
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General J.C. Christian may have found a victim of same-sex marriage.

Thanx to Jesus' General.


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