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I have a Facebook Friend I frequently exchange comments with, Unfortunately, he is young enough not to know that the music died around 1970. Yesterday he posted about two postmusical groups he particularly dislikes, and Facebook’s artificial “intelligence” assumed I wanted to discuss that and showed it to me as the very first post at least half a dozen times. Another friend started an interesting discussion, and when I searched on her name, it assumed that I first wanted to see all of her posts I hadn’t seen yet. Thus I am not surprised that some people resort to complex strategies.
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One of my father’s favorite jokes was, “I defended you. Someone said you weren’t fit to sleep with pigs, and I said you were.” (I probably have to add that he told it to me as a joke, not a statement of his feelings about me.) Facebook is fit to sleep with pigs. It is full of people pretending to be your friends but there isn’t all that much harm they can do.
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Facebook told advertisers it can identify teens feeling 'insecure' and 'worthless.' The company made the standard statement for corporations faced with bad publicity: It never happened, and we will discipline the people who did it, and we will never do it again until the next time we get caught.

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Mar. 30th, 2017 07:49 am
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When I was a child, I was a science fiction weirdo. I read Buck Rodgers stuff and believed that someday we’d put a man on the Moon and be able to put a roomful of computing power in our pockets. I’m afraid I haven’t outgrown it. I find myself dreaming of a bizarre futuristic Facebook: We could choose the way our pages look! We could easily have a different userpic for each post! We could edit our posts in a large, easily correctible typeface! When a discussion popped up, we could move it out of the way. If we didn’t want our short posts to appear in big letters, we wouldn’t have to! Someday, humanity will reach these distant dreams.


Mar. 3rd, 2017 07:11 am
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Facebook: oppressor of sex workers (as well as everyone else)

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Feb. 2nd, 2017 07:19 am
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Facebook at war with Google. Much collateral damage to the rest of us, from the former.

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Jim Wright, as he so often does, wrote an alarmingly sane post about the annual 9/11 hysteria. Facebook banned it, presumably because someone somewhere was offended. Some of us linked to it on Facebook, and mine at least has not been taken down. Here it is, and it’s worth reading even if you don’t want to tell Facebook to go zuck itself.
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Facebook covers for cops tampering with evidence in Philando Castile shooting.

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Facebook is going to use AI to figure out where everyone lives. Cross their hearts, they’re going to use this power only for Good.

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Another citizen failed to show correct papers to the Polizei at Facebook. This one works there.

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Name game

Feb. 10th, 2015 06:37 am
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Facebook continues to pretend that it has a Real Names Policy by cracking down on Native Americans.

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Facebook is a city with many neighborhoods. Every so often I realize that the low opinion of the populace that I get from what my friends link to is overly optimistic. We're getting word games (with thousands of Likes and comments) on the elementary school level. A current one is "Betcha can't name a word that begins with C and ends with P." I guess it's like the people who read the tabloids are part of the elite minority who read at all.


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