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The LIBOR theory of value, like a similar-sounding phrase, is a huge lie.

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Charlie Stross explains why Apple is willing to fight the FBI over privacy.
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Satirical currency with the face of Robert Anton Wilson
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If business success is a sign that one should be president, we should not vote for Trump. We should vote for Paris Hilton.
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Charles Pierce on the 158 families who are trying to purchase the next election
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The IMF says giving money to the rich actually hurts the economy; giving money to the poorest helps the most. As I may have said here before, "trickle down" is the wrong scatological metaphor. The right one is "Money is like manure: If you spread it around, it makes things grow. If you pile it up in one place, it just stinks."

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Part of the indoctrination we got in the 50s was that wonderful man of the people Andrew Jackson. Later we learned that he was a slave owner who uprooted more Native Americans than any other president. He definitely isn't the sort of person who should be on our currency. Here's a better idea.

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Dorothy Parker said, “If you wonder what the Lord thinks of money, look who He gives it to.” As horrible example, consider what happens when women need money from venture capitalists.

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Donald tRump understands vaccination as well as he understands most things, which is not at all. One horrible thing you can say about American capitalism is that someone who starts out as rich as Donald Trump can be as stupid as Donald Trump and still prosper.
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Paul Krugman notes that teaching is worth 1/5000 as much as playing the Wall Street Casino.
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Money cures harmful effects of poverty.

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A nerd (relative to Paul Krugman) tells us that Bitcoin doesn't work.


May. 22nd, 2013 08:17 am
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People in a filthy disgusting exploitative business don't want to deal with porn stars.

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