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1. Who are you named after?
My grandfather Abraham. The Jewish custom was same first initial, different name. In New York in the 50s some of the Anglo-Saxon-sounding ones that Anglo-Saxons rarely used were considered inherently funny, though Arthur wasn’t as bad as Melvin or Seymour. Since no one else feels that way, I’ve gotten over it.

2. Last time I cried?
Can’t remember. I guess I pass that aspect of Correct Gender Performance

3. Soda or water?
Split the difference: warm, flat diet soda. Fake chocolate is my fave.

4. What's your favorite kind of pizza?
Mushrooms/onions/olives. Ham & pineapple is OK.

5. Favorite flower?
All the garish ones.

6. Roller Coaster?

7. Favorite ice cream?
Chocolate chip mint, but my pancreas don’t want me to have any.

8. Favorite book?
Illuminatus!/Stranger in a Strange Land

9. Shorts or jeans?
Neither. I decided 50 years ago that jeans are a particularly boring form of cosplay.

10. What are you listening to right now?
The voices telling me—I mean, nothing! Nothing at all!

11. Favorite color? Magenta, the one that’s not on the spectrum. (I refrain from saying, “unlike me.”

12. Tattoo?
None. Unlike my (female) spouse, I am not macho enough to put up with the pain.

13. Favorite thing to eat?
Rare red meat

14. Android or iPhone?
Scary newfangled things! Get off my lawn!

15. Favorite holiday?
5/5. Not as Cinco de Mayo, but as the anniversary of my first zine

16. Night owl or mornings?

17. Fave day of the week?
Now that I’m retired, I don’t have one.

18. Favorite season?
Spring, I guess

19. Favorite Sport?
Pro football
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Today marks 25 years off drugs
(Fun drugs: I still allow Western allopathic medicine to keep me alive.)


Sep. 1st, 2017 05:05 pm
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1. There is no such organization as Antifa

2. I’ve been an antifascist all my life. The only reason I wasn’t a premature one is that the war had already started when I was born. Lopping a few letters off the end doesn’t change anything.
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Latest issue of my zine online. Thanx to Worldcon Fan GoH Bill Burns


Aug. 7th, 2017 05:03 am
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Back from a delightful visit to Music City for the birthdays of [ profile] womzilla’s father & sister. What did I miss?
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40 years ago today, I finally got up the courage to print out and mail my first zine, The Diagonal Relationship. Most of the good stuff in my life comes from that.
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Here’s an interesting distinction: Somewheres vs. Anywheres. Somewheres are loyal to their place of origin; Anywheres have other identifications.

By ancestry I’m what Steve Bannon might call a rootless cosmopolitan, and when we Jews got our own Somewhere, it didn’t matter much to me, though I’m glad it’s there for them as wants it. Forty years ago, I joined the Anywhere tribe known as Fandom, and since then I’ve had neighbors all over the world.

Rooted is what vegetables are; grounded is what gets you killed when lightning strikes. I’m an Anywhere

Thanx to [personal profile] andrewducker
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I have a Szaszian distrust of psychiatric diagnoses, even the ones that can’t plausibly be applied to me. I consider myself to be on the “spectrum” that gets people labeled with autism/Asperger’s, ADHD, narcissism, libertarianism, and introversion, among others, because we live in our minds and deal with the world instead of living directly in the world like the neurotypicals. I used to think I was an Aspie, but now I’m convinced I’m much more of an ADDer.

There is a site called ADDitude that promises to pander to my kind. It is set up as click-one-after-another instead of one big page that I can comfortably move back and forth on, which, given my attention issues, makes me want to inflict grievous bodily harm upon them.
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Nice Distinctions 30 is done. Postal and e-mail copies have been sent out, and it’s available at Bill Burns’s excellent


Jan. 1st, 2017 05:32 am
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Today I celebrate 14 years on livejournal, which has few of the many flaws of Facebook and is where I post the good stuff. (I have always posted on the assumption that sinister forces are reading every word; now there are more of them in Russia.) I am supergee over there, and I never do locked posts, and I invite all of you to read me there. I also do the same posts under the same name on Dreamwidth.


Dec. 30th, 2016 05:43 am
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I am on both dw and lj (same name) and intend to stay on both. If we’re Friends on one, I’m happy to be Friends on the other.
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Unsurprising psychological study of libertarians:
1. Libertarians will value liberty more strongly and consistently than liberals or conservatives, at the expense of other moral concerns.
2. Libertarians will rely upon emotion less – and reason more – than will either liberals or conservatives.
3. Libertarians will be more individualistic and less collectivist compared to both liberals and conservatives.
That explains why I wanted to be a libertarian, though I have long since decided that a lot of problems such as Tragedy of the Commons, Coordination Problem, Externalities, etc., keep it from working.

Thanx to [ profile] andrewducker
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I use Facebook off-label, the way others use Twitter. Since I like dw/lj a lot better than Facebook, I thought I'd pass along a few of my Facebook posts here:

* I am willing to give the next administration at least as much respect & cooperation as they gave the present one.

* This is not 2000, and this time the third parties didn’t make the difference. I don’t blame the Greens; I blame the Whites.

* The 24-second rule keeps basketball from being soccer

* I now have two favorite fake Lincoln quotes: “It's my Party and I'll cry if I want to,” and, replying to Trump's “The Theater must always be a safe and special place,” “Bitch, please.”

* Trump will treat his rural and working class supporters the way he usually treats those who trusted him. We coastal elitists told them so, but that was just our education talking, so they didn’t have to listen.

* Every unique* town’s newspaper can crap on your screen with a demand for registration that won’t let you read the news until you comply. The two whose gag I have gone along with both accept dev.null e-addresses.
*Latin: Unus=one, equus=horse

* Aretha Franklin has the genius to make “The Star-Spangled Banner” even worse

* We can’t imagine a president resigning because the job stopped being fun. I can remember when we couldn’t imagine a governor doing so.

* SF Premise: Last real Communist dies just after the Russians finally manage to fix an American presidential election.
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1. [ profile] nellorat
2. [ profile] womzilla
3. Some of the smartest, nicest, most interesting friends & acquaintances in the world, specifically including those belonging to my dreamwidth/livejournal and Facebook reading lists, my electronic and postal mailing lists, and the two apas I am still in.
4. My body. It’s an evolved animal, the product of millions of years of fighting, breeding, and dying, with all the problems that would suggest, but as far as we know, the human body is the only vehicle mind has. (It's a ride.) I’m thankful for mine in particular because it’s a strong one. It has survived 70+ years of as little exercise and nutritional correctness as I could get away with giving it, and now requires only moderate amounts of both. It has survived much abuse of assorted substances (and the only one of those I wouldn’t do over again is tobacco) and now survives without them.
5. My nation. Like my body, not the ideal place to inhabit, but good as actually existing ones go. My predecessors stole a good land from the natives and gave it good laws, including a constitution that still does much to protect us. When my own forebears came here much later, the immigration laws were tougher, and there were opportunities for people like them, who combined ability with pigmentational correctness, and they thereby flourished.
6. All other minds, past and present: those who created computers to expand my mind and a Net to join it to others, medicines that allow me to survive the previously fatal weaknesses of my body, and words and pictures that have enriched my thoughts, and all those I have forgotten or taken for granted.


Oct. 10th, 2016 03:06 pm
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I have a number of the usual internal personalities: the 5-year-old, the prosecutor, Mr. T (for Tourette). But I don’t know how many other people have an internal Quartermaster.

I have a powerful desire to buy Supplies: school supplies though I no longer go to school, office supplies though I don’t have an office, art supplies though I’m not an artist. I like to think I haven’t bought all that much more than I’ve needed, and I seem to be gaining that sort of Wisdom of Age that Heinlein told us mostly resembles weariness. Now there all those nifty-colored things that have something to do with phones…I will be strong.
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1952: My parents take me along to my elementary school’s gym to watch them vote. It’s fun: the mysterious curtain, the clanking machinery with the big handle…There are lots of parties: not just the Big Two, but also several flavors of Socialist, the Vegetarian Party, and the Prohibitionist Party, whose candidate is Stuart Hamblen, a country singer best known for “This Old House.”*

1964: I finally get to do it myself. I will always feel like something of an Abused Voter because I thought I was voting against sending half a million troops to Vietnam, but basically I’m happy with the result, and I will persevere and vote every time.

1968: I am introduced to the great American custom of pulling the lever with one hand and holding the nose with the other. I vote for the Hump. The Dick wins.

1972: I cheerfully vote for the acid, amnesty, and abortion candidate. The American people prefer Nixon, validating my opinion of the American people.

1980: Subconsciously realizing that it’s time to start Jimmy Carter on his extremely successful career as ex-president, I deviate from Yellow Dog purity and cast a ballot for the generic white guy on the Libertarian ticket (Clark, if memory serves). Reagan wins. I concede that third-party votes help the candidate I like less and never do it again.

1992. Though the Experts assured us last year that Bush had sewed it up with his glorious victory in Iraq, the short memory of the American people saves us again.

2000. I vote against Bush, but Florida is stolen.

2004. I vote against Bush, but Ohio is stolen.

2012. A local gas crisis causes me to walk two miles over and two miles back to vote for Obama and against Romney. It’s worth it.

2016. Having been reminded by Brexit of the dangers of underestimating the power of the Stupid White People vote, I prepare to vote for Hillary Clinton.

* Having escaped from the historical present by superhuman means, I note that we could use a party like the Prohibitionists today, to help the Religious Right from endangering their immortal souls by voting for imperfect Republicans. It should probably be rebranded as something like the Barefoot ’n’ Pregnant Party. Their showbiz candidate could be Pat Boone, whom I just saw an article about. He looks like the picture in Dorian Gray’s attic, and he had just delivered an antigay rant that I assume was done first and better by a Black performer.
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Last night, we had the celebration of my 24 years without drugs.* [ profile] nellorat and [ profile] womzilla attended, and a good time was had by all.
* Fun drugs. I continue to allow allopathic Western medicine to keep me alive.
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Today marks 24 years without drugs.

Not cancer

Aug. 9th, 2016 04:24 pm
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There is something icky in my prostate that they’re going to do an MRI on in October, but it’s not cancer.


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