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Melania Trump sues Daily Fail for claiming she had a more honorable business career than her husband.
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Sex haters notice that Trump’s hates don’t overlap enough with theirs.

Thanx to [ profile] twistedchick

ETA: And The Rude Pundit says (without using the 7 words), “Show me the money, Donald.”
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tRump finally gets it right about a candidate being born in a foreign country.
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Identity theft by the narcs. The thought of Facebook and the War on Some Drugs slugging it out amuses me.
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Charles Pierce cruelly mocks the battles within the Republican hierarchy.
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Selective antiterrorist Peter King says that Rand Paul doesn't deserve to be in Congress. (Needless to say, it's for one of the few things Paul gets right.) I agree with him. If Paul were to return the favor, I would agree with him, too.
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Eszterhas vs, Gibson, or as Melissa McEwen puts it, "It's like the Lincoln-Douglas debates, if Lincoln were a huuuuuuuge douchebag and Douglas had written Showgirls."

Thanx to Shakesville
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Desperate rivals of Mitt Romney forced to notice that he is a robber baron.


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