Mar. 31st, 2017 06:15 am
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It has been remarked that the Nacirema consider it vitally important to color-code their offspring so everyone knows what their genitals look like. Lest this be considered an ableist plot against the color-blind, you can apply Girlie Glue to your little girl as soon as she’s born. But why wait that long?

The terminology on the cake is interesting. As a human exceptionalist, I believe that having big brains and language and like that means that there are things about us that are more important than whether we’re “bucks” or “does.” Maybe the people who buy this cake think that they don’t qualify for human exceptionalism.

Thanx to [ profile] mslorelei
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Alex Acks, who used to have a different first name, is going to be as visibly, loudly queer as possible. I’m in favor.
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R.A. MacAvoy encounters male-pattern invincible ignorance.

*I have heard this theory seriously proposed.

Thanx to File 770
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* Batman vs. Superman is like that because of toxic masculinity.

* Venture capitalists aren’t interested in women’s sexual health.

* The feminist cupcake sale that led to death and rape threats

All thanx to [ profile] emceeaich
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Don’t be like this guy. (I was, but I hope I’ve gotten over it.)


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