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I fear that if I ever hear a song by Nickelback, I will like it. I have a lamentable inability to recognize the awfulness of things we are supposed to despise, such as Comic Sans. And now I am reminded of another form of excessive tolerance I suffer from with the death of Sam Panopulos, inventor of pineapple pizza. I like pineapple pizza and refuse to accept the condescension of its enemies, especially those who put cruciferous and other boring vegetables on theirs. (I perform praeteritio upon Japanese pizza with mayonnaise. Never judge a nation by its food.)

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It is here suggested that one should judge a restaurant burger not by the burger itself but by the little glob of slimed vegetation in a tiny cup next to the burger, the theory being that food and its preparation should be judged holistically, that the care given to the cole slaw, that smallest of adjuncts to the meal, indicates the restaurant’s feeling about the task as a whole. Maybe. My own approach would be to want the place to concentrate its efforts on the essential part of the meal, rather than on a side dish which, for most of us, is purely decorative.

I wonder if there is something about cole slaw that makes it a focus for bizarre food beliefs, as it is closely related to one of the culinary areas about which I am differently sane. A Sturgeonesque 90% of the cole slaw in the world is adulterated with mayonnaise, a repugnant white slime that I am convinced is no true food but a bodily secretion of hideous-looking space aliens. The nasty stuff is becoming more prevalent; we are now told that no cheesesteak is complete without it. If I were really paranoid, I would conclude that the aliens who generate the stuff are doing so for purposes of mind control, and that people considering it the most important part of the meal are falling under its spell.

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Psychopaths are more likely to eat bitter food.

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I always thought I don't eat like a normal person. But maybe it's normal not to eat like a normal person.

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May. 25th, 2015 07:28 am
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Artisanal cocktail ice, and on the other side, the vulgarians *raises hand* who want their food on plates

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May. 6th, 2015 09:41 am
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The State of Maine considers it an emergency that the poor are eating lunch meat.
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Food combinations man was not meant to experiment with, bolstered with Horrible Examples from Japan, which does food like it does porn. A nation that puts mayonnaise on pizza is capable of anything culinary.


Oct. 17th, 2012 07:01 am
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A while ago, John Scalzi did a post saying that coffee tastes like ass. Now he admits that he drinks it when there's lots of other stuff in it. He says that coffee is popular just because it's a drug, but it can't be as simple as that, because there's a market for decaf coffee but not for cocaine-free crack.

I like coffee insofar as it aspires to the condition of ice cream: lots of sweet stuff, lots of milklike stuff, a little coffee. It may taste like ass all by itself, but it makes the other ingredients taste better. Coffee is a seasoning.
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Frederik Pohl suggests that we not subsidize the foods we don't want people to eat.


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