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2017-09-16 09:12 am


Jimmy Carter wants to take the fun out our dealings with North Korea.
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2017-08-30 07:15 am


“100% cheese” doesn’t have to be 100% cheese

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2017-08-27 06:54 am

Knowing too much

Actual geologist doesn’t like fantasy maps.

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2017-08-22 06:40 am


Radical suggestion from Jim Wright: We all agree we’re against slavery & Nazism. I’m in.
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2017-08-15 06:16 am

Stories need conflict

Nancy Kress points out that Utopias lack story values, so we get a lot of movies about how scary scientific progress will be.

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2017-08-14 07:07 am

Not us

Tiki Torches, unlike the president, clearly dissociates itself from the idiots and haters who marched with their product and the flags of two nations America defeated.
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2017-08-10 08:53 am


I thought Queen Elizabeth was trying to do what Great-Granny couldn’t: outlive her idiot son. Turns out she doesn’t have to.

ETA: Looks like she can’t do it after all. The United Kingdom is still faced with the prospect of a Royal Homeopath.
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2017-08-10 06:44 am

Malicious Damage

How Joe Orton & Kenneth Halliwell vandalized library books. It’s not just a gay thing; Philip Larkin & Monica Jones did likewise, but perhaps because Larkin was a librarian, they used their own copies.

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2017-08-02 07:50 am

Bannon’s Kampf

“Fascist,” like the other F-word, is more frequently used as an insult than as a descriptor. David Brin says that the would-be sexual contortionist really is one.