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In a nearly unprecedented violation of standard operating procedure, cops shoot innocent white person.

I doubt if this was a specific result of my previous post, but she was a yoga teacher.

ETA: As Heinlein didn’t quite say, we also shoot dogs.


Jul. 15th, 2017 01:19 pm
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The cool kids of the art world always laughed at Norman Rockwell because he was so square and representational. He kept painting that way and presumably cried all the way to the bank, but he also did something else. With The Connoisseur he did to abstract expressionism what postmodernists always want to do to their predecessors. (Something I learned only recently: Rockwell always worked from models, so in order to do this painting he first did his own Jack the Dripper “painting” and copied it.)

Sam Spratt has painted nine pictures of African-Americans in the style of the master. This is not an expert opinion, but I think he is a worthy successor.
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Bringing back Clippy to deal with something worse
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I have a Facebook Friend I frequently exchange comments with, Unfortunately, he is young enough not to know that the music died around 1970. Yesterday he posted about two postmusical groups he particularly dislikes, and Facebook’s artificial “intelligence” assumed I wanted to discuss that and showed it to me as the very first post at least half a dozen times. Another friend started an interesting discussion, and when I searched on her name, it assumed that I first wanted to see all of her posts I hadn’t seen yet. Thus I am not surprised that some people resort to complex strategies.


Jul. 12th, 2017 08:38 pm
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Coed Demon Sluts is obviously a Big Idea.

Thanx to Whatever.


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