Jun. 2nd, 2017


Jun. 2nd, 2017 07:04 am
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I’ve been passing all my life. I’m about half Jewish and a quarter Slavic, but the rest is Hungarian, which is to say descended from the (Asian) Huns. Fortunately for me, that didn’t count, and I was officially, hegemonically White. Now it has been theorized that Ashkenazi Jews are not White either.

If humanity survives and looks back at us, the great fantasy of “race” will look even stupider than big-time “amateur” sports and punishing the poor by making them have more children. It was even worse 60 years ago. The treatment of Black people was significantly crueler than now, difficult as that may be to believe, and we had a totally unwarranted certainty that we could tell which was which. Those who wanted to could tickle themselves with fantasies of (in President Eisenhower’s charmingly Freudian phrase) “a big, overgrown Negro” menacing a nice blonde lady like Carol Channing.

There is no such thing as race, and people are punished for being the wrong one.


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