Apr. 11th, 2017


Apr. 11th, 2017 06:12 am
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"Nature wants 5 of your 7 children dead. It wants you dead by 50. Everything better than that is brought to you by science & technology"–David Frum

ETA: There are two things wrong with this quote:
1. It’s overly optimistic. The men live to 50; the women die at 25 after bearing the 7 children
2. It personifies. I don’t believe Nature wants us dead; it just acts that way.

Being a person, I cannot believe in a personal God, either Earth Mother or Sky Father. If Nature were a person, it would be the sort of abusive parent whose rule is: “If I catch you not paying attention to me, I will hurt you. And I may hurt you anyway.” But the first step from paranoia to paranoid schizophrenia is taking it personally.
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I’m not going to quit livejournal; that would be doing their work for them. But I hope Chuck Tingle does a story with Putin in the concave role, so I can post it there and violate the queer & politics rules together.

ETA: I think I have a title for him: VLAD THE IMPALED


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