Jan. 4th, 2017

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Old dirty joke: “I followed the two of them to the hotel and peeped into the room they checked into. They took off all their clothes, but then they turned the light off.”

“Damn! Still an element of doubt!”

There is no longer an element of doubt that Richard Nixon sabotaged the Paris peace talks in 1968 to improve his own electoral chances. I am not a lawyer and don’t know if that’s technically treason, but I’m with Charlie Pierce: “Is it too late to dig up Richard Nixon and set his moldering corpse on fire on the National Mall, preferably in front of that portion of the Vietnam Memorial in which are carved the names of every American who died there between the years 1969 and 1972?” Mitch McConnell stands in that proud tradition.

Thanx to Charles P. Pierce.
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We’re living in a satirical dystopia when I would much prefer Urban Fantasy, specifically the Republicans generating from their deranged imaginings about a real person an actual Vengeful Monster. Yes,
Mastermind of Benghazi! Telekinetic Murderer of Vince Foster! Able to Destroy a Nation with E-Mails! Of course she would have all the monstrous powers men have always feared in women, from blighting the crops to laughing at one’s mighty sword. I would be happy to be Her votary.

ETA: It would be even more fun if Killary had a faithful sidekick: Vagenda of Manocide.


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