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Charles Pierce remembers two flawed human beings who fed our heads with words. I liked Breslin’s first book title* so much that I had a friend translate it into Latin to use for posts about the many situations to which it applied.
*and the whole book, come to think of it

ETA: And George R.R. Martin discusses a mess of journalism to which (unlike the rest of this post) my userpic applies.
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Irony is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

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Jimmy Breslin (1928-2017). I didn’t like him all the time, but he had the heart and he had the words, and when they worked together, he was great. (I have just learned that he called Rudy Giuliani “a short man in search of a balcony.”)
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James Patterson is a cliché factory, and other findings in literary quantification.

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It figures that a conservative like William F. Buckley Jr. used WordStar until the day he died. But time-binding sf writers do it too.

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Police attempt to infiltrate Facebook. Fail.
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They say the difference between Stephen King and Steve King is that one makes up stuff to scare the morons and the other writes novels. Here’s Steve, saying out loud what we knew he believes, that White Christian America must remain racially pure. David Duke thinks it’s peachy keen.


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