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The Times has an op-ed saying that introverts who don’t want to go to a lot of social events are really being rude. Reminds me of MRAs complaining about those sluts who won’t lay them.
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In the 70s I was a libertarian (or perhaps just a fellow traveler; they never gave me a card to carry). The reason I’m not anymore is that we won. When I joined, people were going to jail for using the f-word in books or onstage; abortion and nonstandard but consensual sex were illegal almost everywhere; marijuana was legally indistinguishable from heroin; the state could arbitrarily refuse marriage to couples just because they both had the same sort of bits; the cops were in the men's rooms peeping or entrapping; etc.

OK, so there’s still work to be done. Total drug decriminalization is still in the future, as is minding our own business in Asia, but what we’re mostly left with is the bad parts. Privatizing the prisons was sort of a reductio ad absurdum of the horrors government was protecting us from, but our unlibertarian government is doing it and it’s at least as bad as was imagined. In the not entirely dissimilar area of schooling, private enterprise turns out to be even worse than the state, and the First World is right that medical care has to be socialized. In general, the Market is no better as a deity that will run everything right than the Dialectic or the violent prepuce collector who is supposed to have dictated all those rules in Leviticus.

Also in the Seventies, most of us had a good laugh when Secretary of the Interior James Watt said that his post didn’t require long-term policies because Armageddon would take care of all that. Gary Johnson has a longer-range secular approach: Wait for the Sun to swallow us.

Thanx to Charles P. Pierce.
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Ted Cruz has decided that the best way for him to pick up the pieces after the Trump disaster and be the Republican nominee in 2020 is to endorse the disaster now. Unfortunately for him, he is still Ted Cruz, and enough people will notice. For instance, just as his nonendorsement at the convention was nothing more than urging people to vote their consciences (which was enough to get the deplorables booing), so his current endorsement is a passive-aggressive whine to the effect that “I promised that I would endorse the Party’s candidate even if they chose something you would be careful not to step in, so I am endorsing the candidate.”
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Aleister Crowley didn’t even need press agents to become known as the Wickedest Man in the World. Now there’s a tour of six dark places where he did his thing.

Thanx to Follow Me Here
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Professor Timothy Burke on a NY Times whitewash of the police not giving first aid to the Blacks they shoot.
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A grossly indecent man named Alan Turing did more to win WWII for the Allies than most of the generals, and a grateful nation hounded him to death for his sexual orientation. Since then, they had a national rush of brains to the head and retroactively pardoned him (something I don’t know if the United States would be capable of). Now they’re thinking of doing the same for all those convicted for victimless gay sex. Good for them.

Thanx to [ profile] andrewducker
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Wells Fargo Bank employees were caught making up over a million fake accounts. Top management was shocked, shocked at this behavior and has no idea how it could have happened (spoiler: they fire people who don’t churn up enough business). A Senate committee is looking into it and has achieved rare unanimity; even Diaper Dave Vitter and Pat “Sock It” Toomey noticed something was wrong. Senator Professor Warren is of course doing the best job on it. Charles Pierce reports.
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Why we shouldn’t say, “Everyone is a little autistic.” I think it’s useful to avoid the terms shrinks have laid claim to. For instance, if I were to call Donald Trump a narcissist, there would be complaints that I am diagnosing a condition though I lack the credentials to do so. Therefore, I take the same evidence and call him a prick.
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Jim Wright has hope for the Republicans


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